Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I met the Masters.

In my last post I recalled arriving for the first time at what was to become my mother lodge. We host a casual meeting on Sunday mornings called "Meet the Masters", which is sort of an open house for people to tour the lodge and ask questions, and even more so just a time to hang out with the other members in a casual setting.

This lodge was very different in style and adornment to the previous lodge I had visited. It was certainly older. The lodge room itself was a bit more ornate, and even had the famous "Checkerboard Floor" in it's center, made of actual marble. I would even say this lodge was beautiful in its own strange way, and even now over a year later I am still learning things about it's genuine hidden secrets. I even caught a glimpse of the "Chamber of Reflection", which was super cool and super spooky. But more on that later.

I felt right at home and met a wide variety of men that day. They were older, they were younger. They were black, jewish, muslim, hindu, christian, deist, you name it. They cracked jokes, they slurped coffee, they teased eachother. Most importantly they seemed to genuinely enjoy eachothers company. However, all the jokes and jibs and jabs dropped abruptly when the actual topic of Masonry was broached, and each became very serious about their dedication to "The Craft".

I knew this was it, this would be my lodge, and if they would have me, I would become a Freemason.

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